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This designer will design or redesign your restaurant for a fee of $2500, with no limit as to square footage.

How is this possible? ….Simple….After thirty years creating restaurants, I have decided to offer a design program for restaurant owners who do not wish to pay the usual expensive fees charged for interior design, while still in the preliminary planning stages.

This program will supply the interior design plans, ready for your contractor or carpenter to start from scratch, with all the design requirements. It includes the following method.
  • An interview by phone, in great detail, to discuss the uniqueness of your requirements. A menu must be in mind along with the method of service and level of personality such as fine dining, fast food, coffee shop, pizza and what have you.
  • After the detailed discussion, measurements and photographs of the interior and exterior are to be supplied to the designer, by email or US mail.
  • Once the measurements are available, a complete “hand drawn print” of the design is accomplished. This includes the location of all seating, traffic patterns, counter and service locations, wall design and décor, bathroom placement and kitchen space allocations, as well as a ceiling and lighting program.
  • After completion of the hand drawn prints, the elements are fed into a computer by means of the latest design software. Three dimensional sketches are created so that one can visualize their restaurant before making any construction decisions.
  • Accompanying the above, a booklet is supplied with the specifications of all interior furnishings, a color scheme, décor, paint, vinyl, fabric, lighting, wallpaper, murals, laminate and what have you. This allows one to purchase items direct from the manufacturer or from your favorite restaurant supplier.

Needless to say, this is a unique program, unlike any other due to the fee ($2500) and the complete design package noted above. It behooves you not to pass up such an opportunity.

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